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Blaik Lisella

4 months ago

Hi all,

Ok- We officially have one coach rostered to each team so you can now communicate with your families. When you log in on your computer or through the browser on your phone you can communicate through the "TEAM FEED" For now. There is minimal formatting but you can send a picture, so feel free to create a document welcoming your team and send the image if you prefer something a bit more fancy. The team feed is the only way to post and email your families. The team chat (which is found in the app) is fine, but you can't edit or delete anything so for weekly emails and such use the team feed. You can use the chat to say things like "check your email". We may change this over time, but lets see what we like and don't like first.

The team feed will save messages to be viewed later on the team page, and should also catalog responses as people reply. Feel free to respond to this email and see how it shows up on the team page "COACHES"

I will be at your coaches meeting on Monday, but feel free to reach out via call or text and I can walk you through the process if you need help. (860)966-0111

If you have been approved and are not listed with your team please let me know (by responding to this email) and I can assign you. I just need your email and the team you are coaching.


Blaik Lisella

4 months ago

testing team feed from the web...this is public



Stephen Weaver
Head Coach
(860) 748-8621

Giovanna Ehrlich
Head Coach
(908) 578-0032

Blaik Lisella
Head Coach

Dan Moran
Ref Coordinator

Sean Cattanach

Melissa Whitaker
Fundraising/ Apparel

Sara Roccapriore
Parks and Rec

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